Brain Massage by Joshua Berman in Boulder, Colorado, USA

I’d been taking my daughters to the Pearl Street pedestrian mall in downtown Boulder since each of them was old enough to be strapped on my front, facing out and taking it all in. Especially the music. Especially the deep, chest-thrumming tones of Per and Eileen Hultquist on their didgeridoos. They usually set up by the statues in front of Pearl Street Pub, creating their own little pocket of vibrations, literally. I’ve stood and enjoyed many a rare moment of peace as my baby and toddler zoned to the music and I watched the crowds gather, leave, and gather again. I had never, however, until this day, seen Per and Eileen give an actual “brain massage.” I knew this was the title of their CD series, but not a semi-literal service. On this day, my baby and I watched as this young couple clamped the earphones on, closed their eyes, and we all listened to the music.

Name:Joshua Berman

Place you live: Boulder, Colorado

Place your photo was taken: Pearl Street Mall, downtown Boulder

Occupation: Spanish teacher, travel writer

Preoccupation: Changing diapers, writing guidebooks, going hiking

A perfect day in Boulder? An early-morning hike, followed by a convivial breakfast at the farmer’s market (Saturday mornings in the summer and fall). Follow that with a bike ride (the city has cheap red rentals all over the place), then a concert at Chataqua or the Boulder Theater, both legendary places for musicians to play.

For the visitor? Walk the Boulder Creek path upstream from the library and take a dip if you don’t mind the snow-melt temperatures.

A perfect meal? A sandwich on the courthouse lawn on a sunny day—and there are many, many sunny days.

Your favorite place in the world? I love the whole thing.