Death to a Tree by Isolde Woudstra in Utrecht, The Netherlands

This picture was taken just around the corner of my house. Utrecht is an ever expanding student city and it’s not easy to find a place to live, even though new housing seems to appear out of nowhere. The tree didn’t make it in the end.

Name:Isolde Woudstra

Place you live: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Place your photo was taken: Utrecht

Occupation: Photographer

A perfect day in Utrecht? Listening to records with friends on a quiet Sunday. But i guess that’s a world-wide thing.

For the visitor? Walk. Have a drink in ACU. Best bar in town.

A perfect meal in Utrecht? Again, ACU, for the young at heart. They do vegan/vegetarian meals that’ll make you wanna go veggie. For the people who will be looking through ACU’s window and going “hell no”, there’s Deeg, organic and yummy yummy.

A little known Utrecht fact? We are much nicer than Amsterdam.