Berwyn Beach by Jeremy Edwards in Chicago, Illinois, USA

With the temperature well into the single digits, on this day in the middle of February, I ventured to the beach just blocks away from my apartment. An awful winter storm was just hours away. I never intended to see anyone outside. The wind was relentless, the cold penetrating to the marrow of my bones. I struggled to keep my eyelids from freezing shut; yes this is Chicago in February. This is an image of a couple, with their dog at Berwyn Beach. I think it’s quite provocative, in that the environment at the moment was aggressive and brutal, but the image is so quiet, peaceful, and intimate.

Name:Jeremy Edwards

Place you live: Chicago, IL USA

Place your photo was taken: Berwyn Beach

Occupation: Director of Admissions, University of Chicago, Harris School of Public Policy

Preoccupation: My four-year old son, photography, writing music, and eating candy.

A perfect day in Chicago? 72 degrees, sunny and breezy at Wrigley Field.

For the visitor? Sit in the bleachers at Wrigley Field, eat a deep-dish pizza, and practice your Chicago accent.

A perfect meal in Chicago? Hopleaf in Andersonville. The brisket sandwich on marble rye, with a Triple Karmeliet Belgian beer.

A little known Chicago fact? We have the busiest airport in the world, we are the fattest city in America, we built the first skyscraper, we have the only river in the world that flows backwards, and we have the world’s longest street, Western Avenue. To name a few…

Your favorite place in the world? Atop the mountains in Li Jiang, China.