Pointe Saint-Charles by Sophie Casson in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

This is the corner of the street where I live, on Centre street and Charlevoix. The front door to my apartment is behind a tree on the image. This neighborhood is called Pointe Saint-Charles and historically was working-class. Its residents worked for the Grand Trunk, the railroad that ran through Canada from East to West. The architecture has beginning-of-the-century charm and the area still emanates a working class aura, although it is becoming very gentrified since it is very well situated close to bridges, downtown, the subway (on the image, the symbol with the circle and arrow, Charlevoix station) and the busy  Atwater Market, by the Canal Lachine which boasts a great cycling path… That’s me on the image, as I often feel like a voyeur, staring through my studio window at the variety of the residents on the sidewalk, either living in the area or working here, or walking out of the ill-frequented bar on the corner of my street. There are sometimes familiar faces, having been living in the area for twelve years.

Name:Sophie Casson

Place you live: Montreal, French-speaking Province of Quebec, Canada

Place your postcard is designed for: Montréal (QC) Canada

Occupation: full time illustrator, giving occasional workshops in primary schools.

Preoccupation: copyright

A perfect day in Quebec? Riding my bike West to the edge of the island (Montreal is an island), at René Lévesque Park, and having a picnic there, while looking out at the river, which sort of looks like the sea, and is called Lac St-Louis. Maybe flying a kite too.

For the visitor? Head to the Mount-Royal by subway (Mont-Royal station) and walk up Mont-Royal street to get a great view of downtown and the St-Lawrence River, then relax on the grass, have a barbecue, or in winter time slide down the slope on tire tubes. Then head for the Mile-end, the hub of underground culture in town, full of low-cost restaurants, with great food, trendy bars, and small bookstores. Discover wonderful shops from vintage eyewear to specialized spice shops, and second hand sports gear.

A perfect meal in Quebec? Authentic Indian cuisine at the Curry House on Jean-Talon street.

A little known fact about where you live? Frederick Law Olmsted, architect of Central Park in New York, also designed the Mount-Royal Park, the lungs of Montreal.

Where is your favorite place in the world? The Pyrenees.