Puerto Madero by Catalina Urtubey in Buenos Aires, Argentina

An amazing landscape near home. One of those places in the world where you stand in front of the immensity and breathe deeply, and then you have to go before something in between you and that happiness collapse.

Name:Catalina Urtubey

Place you live: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Place your photo was taken: Puerto Madero

Occupation: “self-taught” artist

Preoccupation: the intensity of my emotions

A perfect day? Every day can be a perfect day, its up to each of us.

For the visitor? Buenos Aires has a lot of diversity when it comes to culture. There is the cliche of leaving the city and going south where almost everything is beautiful… the sea, people, horses, little houses, and forest.

A little known fact about Buenos Aires? The artists here are unbelievable, the food is great and the people are weird.