Brandon Hill’s Local Guide to Seattle by Brandon Hill

I will always cherish this city because it’s where my wife and I had our son, Maddex.  This series is all about him blending in with the city, having fun at local tourist spots, and doing stunts. All photos were shot in Seattle including places like Pike Market, Ballard, Olympic Manor, Kerry Park, the famous gum wall and downtown.

Name:Brandon Hill

Occupation: Commercial and editorial photographer

Place you live: Seattle

Can you sum up Seattle?  An old city of the Northwest filled with an immense variety of things to do.

Can you sum up the people of Seattle? A city of tech heads, yuppies, musicians and lovers of the outdoors. There’s a group for everyone, and there’s tons of neighborhood pride.

What was the experience like shooting for a campaign to promote Seattle to the world?  It was extremely fun because it brought me to some well-known tourist spots. Photographing theses spots with intent made me appreciate the locations more.

Describe a perfect day in Seattle. What would it entail?  Morning coffee from Herkimer, a walk around the Ballard neighborhood, lunchtime sailing in the sound, and a fancy dinner at Canlis (with preferably someone else picking up the tab).

What family-friendly activities would you recommend in Seattle?  Kayaking in South Lake Union, walking or running some laps around Greenlake, riding the Ducks tour bus on land and water, visiting Pike Place market to see the fish fly, stopping at the original Starbucks, visiting Kerry Park for the postcard view of the city, and then a trip to the Magic Market shop.

What do you love about Seattle?  You can never complain about having things to do on the weekend, whether they’re urban, outdoor or foodie-related.

What would be surprising about Seattle to an outsider? How many children and dogs there are in this city.

If Seattle was a person or character who would it be? Bill Murray, an aged wise guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously, has a wide range, and a little bit of attitude.

Can you give a couple tips to photographers for shooting in Seattle? Many photographers in Seattle benefit from the great outdoor activities that are nearby. We’re surrounded by mountains, vistas and hikes. For street photographers, the old downtown of Pioneer Square is great place for meeting characters.

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Name:Brandon Hill

Best place to eat?


Best place to drink?

Chuck’s Hop Shop for beers, Oliver’s Twist for cocktails.

Best place to shop?

Glazers Camera

Best outdoor activity?

Too many to count, but paddle-boarding in Golden Gardens is a good one.

Favorite Park?

Greenlake Park

Favorite Neighborhood?


If someone was visiting what must they do?  Eat at Serious Biscuit and order The Zach: bacon, fried chicken thigh and fried egg on a massive biscuit covered in country gravy, all made from scratch.