Myrtos Beach by Corina Nika in Kefalonia Island

Myrtos beach is one of the prettiest and longest beaches on the island. It has perfect white rocks and an incredible rocky and green scenery. This year Myrtos beach was closed due to reoccurring earthquakes.

We spend a lot of summers and winters at this beach. It is only 30 minutes away from where we live and is a wonderful place to take pictures.

Name:Corina Nika

Graphic designer.


Taking more and more pictures, exploring more undiscovered places, and traveling the world.

Tell us about Kefalonia Island:

Kefalonia is the biggest island in the Ionian Sea, as well as the greenest. During the summer, people gather in the narrow streets at night singing and walking. It has a very Mediterranean feeling, with lots of flowers and turquoise beaches.

A perfect day?

A perfect summer day would be waking up early and biking to Makris Gialos, beach which is only 10 minutes away from our house. We would spend the day swimming and sunbathing and then hiking Ainos Mountain in the evening to have a picnic. Later, a walk by the bay and dinner at the island’s square.

What is the best thing about Kefalonia Island?

The best thing about my spot is its close proximity to completely everything: the sea, restaurants, shops, and, one of my favorite places, Lake Koutavos, where I walk my dog everyday. It’s full of swans, ducks and trees, and is also a perfect place to have a picnic.

What is the worst?

Nothing. I’m pretty convinced I’m in paradise.

What would be surprising about Kefalonia Island to an outsider?

The island has had big earthquakes, but it’s proven to be safe. What would surprise an outsider would be how calm people are about the earthquakes. It’s pretty much a part of our daily life.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Wes Anderson, Gustav Klimt, and Andreas Neophytou.


Name:Corina Nika


Favorite place to eat:

Palia Plaka

Favorite place to drink:


Favorite shop:

Rabbit Hole

Local Tip:

You can find fresh fish at the bay every morning. Local fisherman “park” their boats there and sell their fish. If you’re lucky, you’ll see the caretta turtles swimming around the boats.

Must Do:

Morning swim at Myrtos beach, an evening stroll at Lake Koutavos, and sunset in Antisamos.