Butts Park by Taylor Loftin in Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Butts Park is home to a number of different recreational activities such as soccer, golf, biking, and remote control air-planing. However, during WWII it was home to around 3,000 German prisoners of war, mostly from the Afrika Korps. During their stay, they were put to work building a 200-acre functional model of the Mississippi River, which turns out to be the largest hydraulics model in the US.

Today the 200-acres are fenced off, surrounded by soccer fields, and everything within (security towers, building foundations, as well as the Mississippi River model) is abandoned and rusting away. I think got this shot mid-fence hop, as a few pals climbed an old POW camp watch tower.

Name:Taylor Loftin

Place you live: Jackson, Mississippi

Place your photo was taken: Butts Park

Occupation: student

Preoccupation: daydreams

A perfect day in Jackson? There are no perfect days when it’s 100+ degrees Fahrenheit. I imagine the majority of perfect days fall in November or March, typically spent with good hardy friends in some uncharted woodland or semi-urban area, exploring abandoned buildings and watchin’ out for mister no-shoulders.

If someone was visiting what must they do? Simply converse with the strange and wonderful Mississippi folk, a culturally enriching experience.

A perfect meal in Jackson? Chicken and dumplin’s with grandma.

A little known fact? Choctaw Indians hunted deer and other wildlife in my back yard at one point. One or two still do…