Eichhof by Timo Klos in Bad Hersfeld, Germany

During my journeys through several countries and cities of the world, I take photographs of small natural landscapes. Often I find them on touristic paths or just a few steps around. Most people overlook them, because they are ordinary puddles, little heaps of earth or knee-high stones, which I try to photograph in such a way, that they look like big and wide landscapes.

The first place I found was in my home town “Bad Hersfeld” (Germany) in Autumn 2007, afterwards I continued photographing in Spain, Switzerland, Finland and recently in the center of Berlin.

The Series Sightseeing has no end and it will continue as long as I am travelling to foreign places.

Name:Timo Klos

Place you live: Bad Hersfeld, Germany

Place your photo was taken: Bad Hersfeld

Occupation: Just Graduated Student/Photographer

Preoccupation: Student

A perfect day? A day without stress in the nature.

A perfect meal? The best food is what I cook at home. Everyone is invited!

A little known fact about Bad Hersfeld? It is home to the oldest German fair is called Lullusfest. It happens every October.