Foam Leap by Sean Davey in North Shore, Oahu, USA

The north shore of Oahu is where I chose to live some 15 years ago. Having been a major photographic contributor to the surf scene over the years, it was inevitable that I’d find myself in Hawaii sooner or later. It was here that I met my future wife and so it all just fell into place. I’ve always had an affinity to the water and waves. The very first image that I took back in 1977 was actually of a wave. I’ve always searched out rather unusual perspectives and this one from 1998 is no exception. I was basically trying to get the perspective that say a sand crab might have as a wave jumps out and over the edge of the beach. I chose this image because it’s the waves that I love to photograph the most. It’s always been that way. I now make most of my living from these very pictures of waves. Waves I like to call the ocean’s sculptures.

Name:Sean Davey

Occupation: photo artist

Preoccupation: photo art

What is a perfect day on Oahu? About 75 degrees, no wind, glassy water and about 2-4 feet of surf.

If someone was visiting what must they do? You must either swim in the crystal clear surf or the crystal clear water at Waimea and check out the sealife.

A perfect meal? Crab dip and Crunchy Coconut Shrimp at Lei Lei’s in Turtle Bay.

A little known fact? The north shore of Oahu is home to a beach that is about 7 miles long, which includes dozens of surf breaks, many of them world famous, like Pipeline, Sunset, Off The wall, Log Cabin, Rockpiles, Pupukea, Rocky Point and more.