Casa de Angelopes by Spencer Harding in Inglewood, CA, USA

You know that scene in Hook when all of the lost boys come swinging out of the trees to greet Peter Pan? It was pretty much like that but instead of a treehouse it was a 4000 square ft. tin lunch box warehouse in the middle of Inglewood. The Casa was a haven for the uninhibited. “Go ahead, see if the table saw will destroy that.”  “Sure, build a 35 ft tall cross out of milk crates.”  “Yes, you can weld all those bike frames together.” “Yeah, we should probably fire off that flame cannon in here.” “Hey guys, I found a spec of wall that isn’t covered in paint!”  The Casa welcomed all travelers that could find it for as long as they needed. “It wasn’t how long you stayed, it was how you stayed.” Many of them became caught in the singularity that was the Casa and would become permanent residents.  It was a space without comparison.  In my humblest opinion, the Casa was the most beautiful place in all of Los Angeles.  I stumbled upon the space about two years ago and was instantly entranced by its beauty and was compelled to stave off my ideas of running away from LA.

These are various views of the space and its residents. The last photo was on the last day before we all moved out.

Name:Spencer Harding

Place you lived: Inglewood, CA

Place your photos were taken: Casa de Angelopes – R.I.P

Occupation: Currently, I professionally rent bikes to Australians.

Preoccupation: Building shitty bikes and riding them far distances, photographing beautiful people, and trying to climb mountains.

A perfect day in LA? Watching and enjoying the daily shenanigans at the Casa and ending with a Westside Mosey bike ride.

If someone was visiting, what must they do? Come over, break something, build something, make a wonderful meal from the dumpstered food, and ride a tallbike around LA.

A perfect meal in LA?  Veggie burrito from across the street to crush your hangover.

What is the best thing about your spot? The fact that nothing else mattered more than F.U.N.

What is the worst? If you’re a germaphobe the Casa really wasn’t for you.

A little known fact about where you live? It no longer exists!

Where is your favorite place in the world? I’ve visited Yosemite Valley nearly every year of my life, that is my happy place, I feel completely comfortable there.

Who are your three favorite photographers? Santiago MostynLetha WilsonAlec Soth