Top of the World by Cameron Gardner in Whittier, CA, USA

“Top of the World” it’s one of the only places to get away from the city that’s almost within the city. It’s one of those special places that feels like it’s a secret, but it’s definitely not. Although when you get lucky and are alone up there it feels like its a secret to the millions of people you look down on in the cities. It’s really peaceful, every time I go I am reminded that you don’t have to go to far to enjoy beauty. The whole experience is great, the walk, the rolling hills, the 360 view from the snowy mountains to the ocean and everything in between. There are roaming bulls there though, which you have to be careful of once you are on their side of the fence. I spent an entire night here once and was petting loose horses at 3 am and stayed up until sunrise. Going out and shooting these photos makes me want to go back more often, if you are ever in the area I would definitely be willing to take anyone. Hopefully others will enjoy it as much as I do.

Name:Cameron Gardner

Place you live: Whittier, CA, USA

Place your photo was taken: “Top of the World”, Whittier, CA, USA

Can you sum up Whittier? Basically just a Suburb surrounded by a bunch more, Whittier is a pretty large city but the part I live in is close to a lot of other city borders. Lots of cement, houses and cars, it’s on the very outskirts of LA county, it borders the Orange County line.

Occupation: Photographer

A perfect day in your spot? A day of catching some waves at beach, slackening, or visiting a place like “Top of the World” or something similar in the hills.

If someone was visiting, what must they do? Watch the sunset or sunrise from the hills.

A perfect meal in Whittier? In La Habra (right next to Whittier) there is an amazing Gourmet Burger cafe called G Burger, definitely check that out.

What is the best thing about your spot? How vast it is and how small it makes you feel, and how refreshing it is.

What is the worst? Sometimes you can’t go in or probably shouldn’t unless you want to possibly get charged by a bull.

A little known fact about where you live? Whittier is a Quaker town.

Where is your favorite place in the world? One of my favorite places is Santa Barbara, CA.