Chi Shing Tan Beach by Sean Marc Lee in Chi Shing Tan Beach, Hualien, Taiwan

This was taken on a road trip we took starting from a 6 hour train ride to Taitung. From there we rented scooters, staying at various hostels along the way and came all the way up the eastern coast. We watched the sun rise, explored local small beach side towns, and visited landmarks such as the Taroko Gorges (Taiwan’s Yosemite National Park/Grand Canyon) and beaches. It was a perfect summer week right before I started my new job and a perfect chance to enjoy my new life here.

Name:Sean Marc Lee

Place you live: Taipei, Taiwan

Place your photo was taken: This was taken in Hualien, at Chi Shing Tan Beach. Hualien is about 170km south of Taipei.

Occupation: Photographer

Preoccupation: Los Angeles Resident

A perfect day in Taipei? Night time. The city transformers into a different beast bustling with fragrant smells and neon.

If someone was visiting what must they do? Eat.

A perfect meal? Lately, it’s been an assortment of beef noodle soup.

A little known fact? I think of Taiwan as Asia’s hidden secret. People are friendly, food is delicious, and access to other Asian countries is relatively affordable and close in proximity.