Collateral Damage by Larissa Thia in Singapore

Singaporeans in general are a rather stressed up bunch given the rapid pace of life here. Even the children are not spared – they ricochet from one enrichment class to another and still have to cope with a heavy load of school work. For many, the only time that they can put down this burden is when they retire. But in recent years, with rising rates of inflation some older folks are slowly realizing that this might just be a long lost dream.

Perhaps this old man sleeping here so peacefully is one of the lucky few finally getting to enjoy the well-deserved rest of his twilight years. Or perhaps, he is a collateral damage of our fast tracked progress.

Name:Larissa Thia

Place you live: Singapore

Occupation: Part time dreamer, full time realist

Preoccupation: Capturing people in their private moments where they exist as a singular entity suspended in time

Place this photo was taken: Chinatown, Singapore

A perfect meal in Singapore? Economy rice which can be found at any hawker center – it’s a cheap and filling lunch time staple for most Singaporeans.

A little known fact about where you live? Local betting stations have an air of absolute silence and the only sound to be heard is the whirring of fans. Everyone enters these places with an air of solemnity usually reserved for important occasions, each perhaps hoping beyond odds that the next set of numbers that they place will be a ticket towards a new chapter.

Where is your favorite place in the world? My own home