Sheep to Eat by Mark Steinmetz in Athens, Georgia, USA

I bought an abandoned field earlier this year in my home town of Athens, Georgia. The field is just a block away from our downtown. It once had homes on it but these were damaged beyond repair in an enormous gas main explosion that took place in the 70’s – an event that made the national news. What remained of the houses was carted away long ago, and in the years since, the field has been taken over by kudzu, privet, and other invasive plants. I brought in sheep to eat the overgrown vegetation and help clear the land as I plan on building my new home here soon.

Name:Mark Steinmetz

Place you live: Athens, Georgia

Place your photo was taken: Athens, Georgia

Occupation: photographer

Preoccupation: building my house

A Perfect day?  When the University’s football season has ended and nobody’s asking me to serve on a jury at the courthouse.

A perfect meal? My best meal in Athens would be at The National which will be only a few minutes walk for me once my new home is built – I prefer their sidewalk seating on a summer’s evening.