#christmaselk by Kristin Edmundson in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Kristin Edmundson uses Instagram to document what she comes across day to day living in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Lucky for us, it seems that Kristin has a strong design influence, giving the images she shares extreme visual strength.  Follow @christmaselk for great iPhone images of Midwest city life.

Name:Kristin Edmundson

Place you live: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Can you sum up Minneapolis? I love urban life, but I love nature too and Minneapolis has plenty of both. Minneapolis is the larger of the “Twin Cities,” while St. Paul is our state’s capital. The name “Minneapolis” is derived from the Dakota Sioux word for “water” and the Greek word for “city.” We really do have an abundance of water: the Mississippi River, waterfalls, and several lakes. Minneapolis is known for its miles and miles of bike trails, its parks, its indie music scene, its support of the arts, and its pro sports teams. We definitely experience all four seasons and each is distinct and beautiful in its own way.

For the visitor?  If you only visit one place in Minneapolis, please visit the Guthrie Theater. It’s my favorite place in the entire city! I love sitting in one of their cafes drinking coffee, listening to the old school jazz they always seem to have playing while using their endless supply of free wifi (to Instagram, of course). It is not only a world-renowned theater, but it’s also architect Jean Nouvel’s indescribable beauty. Once there, you can see incredible views of the city and almost all of my favorite places: the skyline, Gold Medal Park, the Mississippi River and 5 of its beautiful bridges, and St. Anthony Falls. Less than a block away is the Mill City Museum, an actual former flour mill. Here you can learn of the city’s history as a flour milling town. Next, walk across the Stone Arch Bridge for a stroll along the St. Anthony Main Riverfront. This historic district has the most magical, picturesque views of the city. If you have more time to explore, check out the Minneapolis Institute of Arts where admission is always free and photography is always welcome. In the warmer months, enjoy a Twins game at the new Target Field or visit one of several farmers’ markets, and maybe ride a bike through miles of trails along the Chain of Lakes. In the winter, ice skating at The Depot is a must, as is sledding at Theodore Wirth Park.

Best meal in the city? Oh, this is hard. When people visit, I like to take them to the Midtown Global Market. As the name implies, it has food from around the globe, so there is always something to please everyone.

How long have you been using Instagram? Just over one year.

What phone camera do you use to shoot? I recently switched from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 5.

What is your editing process?  After much experimentation, I’ve decided I love to shoot with the ProCamera app. Some photos require no edit, but when they do, I use one or more of the following: Snapseed, VSCOcam, and Superimpose. I never use Instagram filters.

Do you create images outside of Instagram? Yes, I love to make candid portraits of people I love.

How has Instagram/phoneography affected how you shoot?  Having my camera with me at all times has changed everything! Instagram and iPhoneography have reawakened my love of photography. Before Instagram, my focus was on macro abstracts and candid family portraits. Now, I see photos everywhere and I’ve discovered a love of architecture, symmetry, minimalism, patterns, landscapes, and faraway human figures.  I fell in love with photography in the early 2000s using a film camera (Pentax K1000). I’ve found that the simpler the camera, the more challenging it is to make an unedited beautiful photo. There are limits to the iPhone, but those limits have made me grow as a photographer. I take frequent photowalks, but now that my camera is so light and inconspicuous, my walks are longer and much more productive.

Who are your three favorite Instagrammers? Only 3?! That’s impossible. My favorites are those I follow and some I’ve not discovered yet. Instagram is full of talented people who are just discovering themselves as artists. It’s an amazing place.