City Escape by Kelli Pennington in Portland, Oregon, USA

This image is from Cannon Beach, Oregon about an hours drive from Portland. Julian and I drove there to escape the city for a few days last December.

Name:Kelli Pennington

Place you live: Portland, Oregon

Place your photo was taken? Cannon Beach

Can you sum up Portland? A lush living, breathing botanical garden. 260 days of growing weather and at least 210 days of rain.  Free box heaven, a bike riders dreams and as they say the place where twenty-somethings move to retire.

Occupation: Professor of Photography at Portland Community College

Preoccupation: Gardening

A perfect day? A drizzle and a warm cup of coffee.

If someone was visiting what must they do? Go to Forest Park for an in town hike.

A perfect meal? I think Cruz Room on Alberta has the best tacos and infused drinks

What is the best thing about Portland? People care and try to make life better for themselves and everyone else.

What is the worst? People who stop when there isn’t a stop sign.

Little known Portland fact? It could have been named Boston.

Favorite place in the world? The Clackamas River V

Who are three of your favorite photographers? Sally MannNan GoldinElinor Carucci