Home Break by Spence Hornby in Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia

It used to be a lot less crowded. A real locals place. It’s where I taught myself to swim and shoot. Now its mainly just bodyboarders so I tend to stay away from it. But if you manage to get a moment out there in the water its pretty amazing. The big green headland you see in this shot wraps all the way around and makes a great backdrop.

Name:Spence Hornby

Place you live? The central coast of New South Wales, Australia.

Place your photos was taken? This is my home break. Its about 5 minutes from home and its a reef break. I can’t really name it I’m sorry.

Can you sum up the central coast of New South Wales? Its pretty mellow here. A few suburbs (from Bateau Bay to North Entrance) join up and make one big home for everyone. Its a place where you learn to respect your elders but also tease your mates and be prepared to cop it in return. if you don’t get hassled around here it probably mean’s your mates don’t like you. Weird.

Occupation: Photographer, assistant and also work with my dad at his signage/design business.

And before that? I was a dishpig at a local restaurant. What a job that was.

A perfect day in NSW? If your surfing an early start is important, as the wind can turn pretty early on the east coast. Its a beach-side town so if there’s waves around you can hear them. Have a surf/swim and hit a cafe for some grub and a coffee. With any luck its a weekend so there’s plenty of friends to hang out with. If I’m taking photo’s I’ll spend the majority of my day on the computer afterwards sorting, editing and emailing.

For the visitor? If you’re having a visit, be sure to drive up to Crackneck lookout for whale watching if that’s what your into. otherwise check out Terrigal, The Entrance or Hardy’s bay for good cafe’s, fishing or whatever else floats your boat.

A perfect meal in NSW? Cafe’ Pennoz is the number one option. Amazing staff – amazing food. If you’re ever in town look them up. Tell them I sent ya!

Whats the best thing about your spot? Having my best mates around. Nothing beats that.

A little know fact about your spot? Angus Young from AC/DC owns a house on the beach here. One of the younger groms mows his lawns for him whilst he’s away.

Favorite place in the world? Coolangatta

Three favorite photographers? Andrew BuckleyBrian Beilmann and Russell Ord.