Combat Congestion by Mary Amor in Torrance, California, USA

I have never lived in a city with such aggressive and speedy drivers.

Torrance is nick-named the “City of Balance: Industry-Commercial-Residential”. I just moved here recently and I am finding it to be a very special place. It is located 10 miles from the San Pedro Harbor where ships come in everyday from China delivering goods. There is always heavy traffic on most of the streets because of all of the jobs and large companies here. For the people that live here, we have to drive against commuters who drive way over the speed limit.

The owner of the van pictured was clever to raise it. Now she/he can combat the congestion we face on the streets every day.

Name:Mary Amor

Place you live: Torrance, CA (Los Angeles)

Place your photo was taken: My neighborhood

Occupation: Photographer

Preoccupation: Journaling

A perfect day in Torrance? A day spent in Wilson Park, eating lunch by the duck pond.

If someone was visiting what must they do? Visit the Del Amo Mall because it is huge, like the Mall of America

A perfect meal? Eating Baked Mostacholi at thekothiheritage.

A little known fact? It feels like living in the 50’s here.