Skate Like A Girl by Max Hamilton in South London, UK

This is an image of a photographer friend of mine Jenna Selby taking a picture of skater Helena Long for a magazine. What I like about this image is that it represents what is cool to me about London. -All the secret quirky places dotted around the city that you have to explore.

Name:Max Hamilton

Place you live: London

Place your photo was taken: South London

Occupation: photographer

A perfect day? Get up, get on my bike and spend the day riding round London with my wife finding exciting new places in the city.

For the visitor? Go to all the amazing museums in London as they are all free.

A perfect meal? I love to pop round the corner from our flat to our Local pub The Canton Arms for some delicious food (including Haggis Toasties)  and a pint.

A little known fact ? The first ever International Football match was played at the Kennington Oval between England and Scotland in 1870.