Stage Of Myths by Mutsumi Makino in Miyazaki, Japan

If you enjoy ever changing nature, then you’ll find Miyazaki to be an amazing place. Miyazaki is place with legends and myths. There is a feeling and aura of mystery everywhere here.

Name:Mutsumi Makino

Place you live: Miyazaki, Japan

Place your photos were taken? Miyazaki

A perfect day? I hope you come here on sunny day. You’ll see how beautiful it is here. Summer is long and very hot, however winter is warm and comfortable.

A little known fact about where you live? We have a relaxed sense of time.- We call it, “Hyuga Jikan”. If you are meeting a friend who lives in (or from) Miyazaki, remember to be patient and know that your friend may be late! And please don’t be upset! Relax and please enjoy our laid back atmosphere.