All American Diner by Johnathon Kelso in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I came across this diner almost four years ago on accident while riding around photographing near my house in Atlanta. It’s painted red, white, and blue – you really can’t miss it. The whole place is filled with southern memorabilia – anything from raccoon heads to cannonballs from the war. They have one waitress named “Red” and the best hotcakes in town.

Name:Johnathon Kelso

Place you live: Atlanta, Georgia

A perfect day: Within five miles of my house there are a plethora of things that could make any day feel pretty good. Tire swings, rope swings hanging from train bridges, ice-cream shops, and dirt roads. You find one of those things on the list and you’ll have a day worth remembering.

For the visitor: Go climb the old landfill that’s been Atlanta’s hidden mountain since the olympics were here in 96′.

A perfect meal? Ann’s Snack Bar down Memorial Drive – get the hood rat burger.

A little known fact? The swimming hole off Langford Parkway in the hood is the best place to swim in the summer.