Snow Party by Jakob Hunosøe in Vester Kirkegaard (Churchyard), Copenhagen

Name:Jakob Hunosøe

Place you live: Copenhagen, Denmark

Place your photo was taken: Vester Kirkegaard (Churchyard), Copenhagen

Occupation: Artist

A perfect day in Copenhagen? Having the day off. Taking a stroll with the pram in Valby Parken. Meeting friends at the beach. Drinking white wine with my girlfriend on the patio. A beautiful spot, Vester Kirkegaard close to the Carlsberg area has a large churchyard, perfect for a  peaceful quiet walk or a photo shoot. Copenhagen offers everything you could want when the weather is good (but it rarely is.)

A perfect meal? Kebabistan at Istedgade serves the perfect Kebab. Combine with the Turkish drink Ayran and finish of with chewing gum (if you are meeting someone afterwards.)

A little known fact about where you live? The Little Mermaid sculpture is a duplicate. The sculptor’s heirs keep the original hidden somewhere.