Coming Home by Shanon Wise in Thornville

Growing up in this town, I’ve taken many photos over the years as I’ve grown as a photographer. I’ve traveled the continents and moved away to college, but this place I call home is always here for me when I return. These are the photos that capture the silence and the calm of my home. We’re far away from it all, but we have everything we need.

Name:Shanon Wise



Wanderlusting for future places to call home.

Tell us about Thornville:

Here’s the thing: this is rural Ohio. We have a lot of space and not a lot of people. Luckily, there’s a lot to find if you simply look for it. Here, one town quickly runs into the next. So while I occupy a space called “Thornville,” the various small towns that dot the landscape surrounding us, I call home as well. Life’s a little slower here. It’s simple and it’s raw. It’s home.

We’re less than an hour’s drive to our state’s bustling capital, but here, we’re away from it all. We have woods to explore, lakes to relax at, back country roads to get lost on. A lot of the beauty of our town is tucked away. It’s quiet here, but if you listen you’ll find something worth staying for.

A perfect day?

Starting the day with a cup of coffee on the dock overlooking the lake. Geocaching and taking photos on a back road I’ve never been down. Catching up with old friends at a local restaurant. Watching the sun set over the corn fields and sitting around a bonfire to end the night.

What is the best thing about Thornville?

If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed about anything life throws at you, you’re never far from a place to relax and find peace.

What is the worst?

Sometimes you just need to head into the city for a dash of culture and fun.

What would be surprising about Thornville to an outsider?

Strangers will ask you how you’re doing, hold open doors for you, and recognize you the next time you stop by.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

I’m always inspired by Ransom Riggs and his filmmaking and collection of old photographs. I’m also reading a lot of Tyler Knott Gregson‘s new work and listening to Vance Joy.


Name:Shanon Wise


Favorite place to eat:

Brews Cafe in a neighboring town called Granville. A short drive away, but worth it. Explore the town while you’re there.

Favorite place to drink:

Buckeye Lake Brewery, a new local brewery near the lake with food trucks twice a week. Best hangout in the area, hands down.

Local Tip:

Head out on the lake in the middle of the week during the day in early fall. Kids are in school and the out-of-towners are at work. Float and be at peace.

Must Do:

Go explore our back roads, find some abandoned barns, and eat at our hometown cafe.