Desert Botanical Garden by Jane Crafter in Phoenix, Arizona

The Desert Botanical Garden is a magical destination and it never fails to impress! There is always something new to see. Cacti are always in bloom; butterflies and hummingbirds abound. Every year at Christmas, Las Noches de Luminarias are spectacular and it’s well worth a visit to see the garden lit so beautifully. I do love this place.

Name:Jane Crafter

Golf professional and TV golf announcer.


Photography is my hobby and my passion.

Tell us about Phoenix:

Phoenix is not just a hot desert! It has so much to offer in every season with great scenery, wonderful golf and so many dining options too.

A perfect day?

My perfect day would be to visit the Desert Botanical Garden in the morning, followed by a lovely lunch there and then a game of golf up in the north part of the city where you play in and around the southwest desert. From there, an alfresco dinner overlooking Camelback Mountain at El Chorro! Priceless.

What is the best thing about Phoenix?

The winter weather and access to all parts of Arizona within a couple of hours!

What is the worst?

The summer heat!

What would be surprising about Phoenix to an outsider?

The multifaceted group of people who live here.

If Phoenix was a person or character who would it be?

Barry Goldwater.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Ansel Adams, Larry Lindahl, and Lucy Jane Crafter.


Name:Jane Crafter


Favorite place to eat:

El Chorro

Favorite place to drink:

Phoenix Public Market Cafe

Favorite shop:

Healthy Habit

Local Tip:

Have unexpected great Mexican food at Gallo Blanco in the Clarendon Hotel.

Must Do:

Go to the Desert Botanical Garden and Phoenix Zoo. See spring training for MLB teams. Golf in the spring when the cacti bloom, and eat alfresco at night.