Dante’s Peak by Patrick Gookin in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California

I have been photographing sunrise hikers in Griffith Park off and on for a little while now and during the first couple of months that I started doing this there was a church group who would climb to the top of Mt. Hollywood every morning and form a circle to hold hands, sing hymns, and pray with each other. After their meetings this woman named Pastor Gloria would run to the edge of the mountain which happens to look out to the Hollywood sign and proclaim her love for Jesus. One day I worked up the courage to ask her if I could photograph her and she insisted that I do so in three or four different places on the summit. After that she made me promise that I would give her a print once they were made. She never showed up on the mountain again after that day.

Griffith Park is a short walk away from my apartment and a favorite for Angelenos to hike, bbq, and spot coyotes.

Name:Patrick Gookin

Photo Editor



Tell us about the place you live:

It is very different from where I grew up in New Hampshire.

A perfect day?

Climbing hills off of Angeles Crest, swimming at El Matador, Barnsdall Park, Hollywood Farmer’s Market, plenty of coffee.

What is the best thing about your spot?

The sunlight that pours through my windows each morning.

What is the worst?

parking tickets

What would be surprising about this place to an outsider?

There is a mountain lion living in town.

Before I die I want to visit:

The Ryukyu islands in Japan.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Daido Moriyama. Martin Parr is a huge influence. Mitch Epstein was one of the first photographers that I got obsessed with.




Name:Patrick Gookin

City:Los Angeles

Favorite place to eat:

Elf Cafe

Favorite place to drink:

Proof Bakery

Favorite shop:

New High Mart

Local Tip:

Eat Korean food

Must Do:

Talk to strangers