#strangers by Jamie Lynn Genevieve in Brooklyn, New York

Jamie Lynn Genevieve uses Instagram to create tightly cropped images of people she encounters on her daily commute underneath NYC.  Fearlessly breaking any personal space bubble her subjects may have, she produces surprisingly elegant and intimate portraits of strangers.  Check out her Instagram feed and follow her here @jamielynngenevieve.

Name:Jamie Lynn Genevieve

Place you live: Brooklyn, New York

Place your instagrams was taken: Brooklyn and Manhattan. Mostly under the East River.

Can you sum up Brooklyn? When I walk out of my apartment, there is usually someone rifling through the garbage cans. A couple walks by and they’re fighting. Another couple follows after and are madly in love. On every corner there is a little of everything you could want to witness (but most likely don’t).

For the visitor? Tourist sites are fun. They’re more fun if you go for the purpose of watching tourists than the sites. I love art so I’d highly recommend The Whitney Museum of American Art (MoMA took down my favorite Jasper Johns so I’ve been on strike for two years now). Other than that, the best things to do is just get lost, walk around and meet someone new. New Yorkers are much friendlier than they’re given credit for.

Best meal in the city? Baja Fish Burrito from Calexico. Eat-in only. Something horrible happens to it when you do take-out.

How long have you been using Instagram? According to my first photo, 49 weeks.

What phone camera do you use to shoot? I use my IPhone (4s)

I almost hate writing this because I have a few faux-pas when it comes to instagram and they look like this:

[slew of emojis] IPhone 4s [more emojis]

[yet even more emojis] all photos taken by me [end slew of emojis]

Editing process?/What apps do you use, if any to edit your photos? I crop the hell out of the photos. Usually tone down highlights and shadows giving a dulled, deep feel..like matte fabric or at least that’s how i imagine it. I use afterlight to do that. If someone has particularly offensive skin, I might blur the photo some.

Do you create images outside of instagram? I do but the images are paintings or drawings, not photographs.

Does your feed differ from your work outside of instagram?  Work I get paid to do? Yes. Greatly. Work I don’t always get paid to do, no. The paintings and drawings I do are always close-ups of people (all of which are or have been my friends). My instagram is more of the process that leads to the paintings.

Who are your three favorite instagrammers? @kalen_hollomon@mclevelandr, & @mic_pic.