Silent City by Yasushi Okano in Toyosu Bay, Tokyo, Japan

Name:Yasushi Okano

Place you live: Tokyo, Japan

Place your photos were taken: These photos were taken in Southeastern Tokyo, mainly around the Toyosu bay area.

Can you sum up Tokyo? Tokyo is an exciting and busy city with a big population, but in some places you can find silent scenes.

Occupation: Graphic designer

Preoccupation: Photography, trip to the island, playing guiter

A perfect day in Tokyo? New Year’s Day

The most of Tokyo’s residents are originally from the other cities and they go back to their home town to greet the new year with their old friend and family.

On New Year’s Day,  Tokyo turns into a silent city as if the chaos and the crowd of yesterday was magic.

This is a perfect time for a photographer like me, however, I go back to my home town like the others. 🙂

If someone was visiting, what must they do? They must take the subway. The lines, spread around like blood vessels, are very complicated but punctual and safe. Just ask anyone around if you get  lost, they will show you the way kindly or guide you happily. I guarantee it.

There are 2 famous observation towers in Tokyo. One is Tokyo Sky Tree which is newer, more popular, and the more crowded. The other one is Tokyo Tower, which is older and shorter than Tokyo Sky Tree.

Only a few people know there is one more. I strongly recommend the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office building to observe Tokyo world leading concrete jungle, and it’s free to enter.

A perfect meal in Tokyo? Sushi-Zammai, a franchise revolving sushi bar developing in Tokyo urban area. Friendly waiters will serve you fresh and cheap sushi and entertain you.

What is the best thing about your spot? The best thing about my spot is vast and dreary, as the spot is on the reclaimed land, still extending under development.

What is the worst? The worst is rush hour. Taking the train around 7:00am-9:00am will damage your image of trip in Japan.

Where is your favorite place in the world? Taiwan, Hawaii, Turkey

Who are your three favorite photographers? Michael KennaTerri WeifenbachRisaku Suzuki