Discover More, Prague by Jan Pražák

We sent Jan out with a DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Prague to get his perspective on what it means to use a travel guide in his local area.

I always want to say something different with my pictures. Although I included photos of some of the famous sites in Prague, I tried to capture these places from another point of view. Almost everybody knows this city, but not many people are looking at Prague my way.

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Name:Jan Pražák

Can you sum up Prague in a paragraph? It’s the biggest city in the Czech Republic. It’s a historical town filled with many new minimalistic and well-designed buildings. It also has fantastic traditional cuisine.

Can you sum up the people of Prague in a paragraph? People in Prague are well known for their knowledge of the world and their pride in their city. They move fast, use the latest technology, and many of them are foodies.

What was the experience like looking through a travel guide for your own local area? It was really nice to look at my country through the eyes of someone else and see our history easily told by pictures, facts and interesting text.

Did you find anything new or inspiring about your area in the book? Yes! The book’s photographs made me look at the city in a whole new way.

How did the DK Eyewitness Travel Guide influence the photos you took of your area? The book made me look at the city with new eyes. I found new spots, new buildings, and discovered some new hidden places.

Describe a perfect day in Prague. What would it entail? It would start with a tour of Old Town and include stops at the city’s new modern buildings. Then an awesome traditional Czech dinner, including tasty local beers, and then later a view of Prague’s castle with dessert at the top of the Dancing House.

What do you love about Prague? It’s a city that never sleeps. It has a modern and historic side. And the food is great.

What do you dislike? Sometimes it feels a little crowded.

What would be surprising about Prague to an outsider? That it’s traditional and modern at the same time. That it is fashionable and full of style, but also reserved. That you can find typical Czech cuisine and also fantastic Italian, Mexican and Japanese food. I love that you can buy fresh food from local farms, and that there’s fantastic entertainment in the city, from movies to opera.

If your city was a person or character who would it be? Brad Pitt, a stylish person with great charisma and a flair for sports and good food.

What was your impression of the DK Eyewitness Travel Guide? What did you like about it? What stood out? I loved all the historic details and of course the great images. The photos and graphics are amazing, and they really bring the city’s history to life.

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Name:Jan Pražák

Best place to eat in Prague?

Café Palanda. The burgers are delicious.

Best place to drink?

LOKÁL. Czech beer is the best way to understand Czech people.

Best outdoor activity?

Prokopské and Dalejské Valleys are fun to explore. Hostivař pond is also a quiet place to relax.

Local tip?

Try traditional Czech cuisine and beer. If you visit in winter, taste some specialties from the winter markets. Also, take in the view from Petřín Tower.

If someone was visiting what must they do?

Book a hotel in the center because Prague at night is really cool. Be prepared for changing weather, and always check the weather before you leave home.