Divided Stance by Alexandros Demetriades in Nicosia, Cyprus

Hybrid architectures, landscapes, and divided stances. I still wonder if Cyprus is facing a rupture or will be be able to reconcile its wounds. Head down and eyes closed, a little boy dreams of an imaginary world that would defy physical boundaries and eradicate a past too heavy for his frail shoulders. It’s a little boy who in the future claims the right not to choose.

Name:Alexandros Demetriades

Place of Birth: Cyprus

Place your photos was taken: Nicosia, Cyprus

Occupation: Photographer/ Creative Director of interactive design

A perfect day in Cyprus? A perfect day is mid May – beginning April when the sun is still nice and cool.

A perfect meal: Perfect meal is ‘kleftiko’ a local lamb dish wrapped up in foil with herbs and placed inside the ashes of an oven to slowly cook for 8 hours!

FYI: Nicosia is the last divided capital of Europe.