Over Friendly by Pavel Bolo in Moscow, Russia

It’s a “Birds-eye view.” I tried to provide the most complete experience of the building I live in in one image, so you get both the view from my apartment on the left side and pigeons on the right which live in ridiculous amounts in the small park around my building. They are being fed constantly by people in the park so they became over-friendly and sometimes you have to walk through hundreds of them flying around you.

Name:Pavel Bolo

Place you live: Since last year’s spring I spend almost equal amount of time in Moscow and in Tel Aviv. My fiancee lives in Moscow and most of my work is in Tel Aviv so I travel a lot.

Place your photo was taken: Moscow, Russia

Occupation: Photographer

A perfect day in Moscow? First of all it has to be in June or September when there’s the best weather outside. Weather is a factor here, cause summers lately became too hot and too humid for humans to function properly and winters always been and will be notoriously cold in Russia. Secondly, Moscow offers quite a bit of entertainment and art events, so I would say my perfect day would be visiting a show or two. I always love to see a good exhibition to get inspired.

If someone was visiting what must they do? Besides the obvious Red Square I would suggest walking from Tverskaya st. (Moscow’s main street) down to Patriarch Ponds (there is actually only one pond, but back in the days there were three). I love this area both in summer and winter when the pond is frozen. It’s one of the most expensive residential areas in Moscow so it’s always kept clean and it’s packed with little coffee shops and restaurants.

A perfect meal? I love Georgian (Georgia the country, not US state) cuisine and there is one place in particular here in Moscow, that I visit a lot. It’s called “John Jolly“. It’s on 20 Tverskaya St. and it’s insanely delicious!

A little known fact? Moscow is a capital of Russia