Cinematic by Eolo Perfido in Ostia Lido, Italy

Ostia Lido is called the Port of Rome. It is a little town just 25 kilometers from the center of Rome. There are about 200,000 people living here. Finally we are starting to feel like a melting pot. You can find people from all around the world living here, especially from the east of Europe and the North of Africa. This winter I was testing my second camera body (a Canon 7D) when I shot a pic of people crossing the street. I liked very much. It was a nearly cinematic result so I decided to spent some more time taking pictures there. I think that people faces tell something about the place they live. So I thought that those pictures would be perfect for Global Yodel. Regarding my city I think it could be the perfect place for those who want to visit Rome in Spring and Summer and enjoy the sea too. Ostia is really well connected with the Capital. You can reach the city center with the underground in no more the 30 minutes, and be back in the evening to have a nice dinner on the beach.

Name:Eolo Perfido

Place you live: Ostia Lido, its part of Rome even if looks like a little separated city.

Place your photo/video was taken: A street, a few hundred meters from where I live.

Occupation: Photographer

Preoccupation: Reading, Movies, Video games. When I’m not taking pics I fill my mind with content. Oh.. I forgot..traveling and eating too 🙂

What is a perfect day in Ostia Lido? In spring, when is still not too hot. To have a walk on the beach at 17:00. The light is wonderful.

If someone was visiting for the first time for one day only, what must they do? Visit the ancient Roman ruins in Ostia Antica, 5 miles from here.

What and where is a perfect meal in the place you call home? Fresh local fish with white wine.

A little known fact about where you live? Pier Paolo Pasolini was killed here in 1975. He was one of the greatest writers and the finest italian intellectual figure.