Void by Ethan Rhoads in Surprise, Arizona, USA

Name:Ethan Rhoads

Place you live: Surprise, Arizona, USA

Place your photo was taken: Surprise, Arizona, USA

Occupation: Cashier

Preoccupation: Skateboarder

A perfect day? In my eyes, the perfect day in Surprise is driving 30 minutes to the east into Glendale, Arizona, or even further into Phoenix, because Surprise is void of most things associated with fun. It is a culture-free suburb that is interspersed with farm fields and construction sites, framed by cookie-cutter housing developments. The elderly population is massive, making Bingo a popular attraction, sadly.

A perfect meal in Suprise? Staying home and barbecuing is one of the better options to eat in town, because the other choices in town involve fast food or chain restaurants populated by the old folks. If I had to choose a restaurant I would suggest Nick’s Diner due to it’s service and varied menu.