Secret Lagoon by Casey Lawton in Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey

Concealed from the busy tourist life of Seaside and the Jersey Shore, the lagoon communities of Lanoka Harbor are so well hidden, most New Jersey natives don’t even know about them. On a typical summer day, one can enjoy the afternoons by soaking up the sun and seeking relief from the heat in the canal-like lagoons. The remainder of the day can be spent out in the bay catching that night’s meal. Crabs and fluke from the Barnegat Bay are a typical dinner for anyone living here. Here, the backyards of homes are more like the front yards, with more boats passing by in the back than cars passing the front. There is a mixture of summer homes and full time residents, it is very rare to come across anyone who won’t greet you with a wave and a smile as you pass by their yard on your boat.

Name:Casey Lawton

Place you live: New Jersey

Place Your photo was taken: Lanoka Harbor, a secret of New Jersey

Occupation: Student