Everybody Grows Lemons by James Whineray in Fremantle, Western Australia

Afternoon light over the rocks.

Name:James Whineray

Place you live: Fremantle, Western Australia

Place your photo was taken: Southwest coast of Australia

Can you sum up Fremantle? Everybody grows lemons

Occupation: Aspiring photographer / skateboarder

Preoccupation: Aspiring photographer / skateboarder

A perfect day in Fremantle? 28 degrees C, with a good sea breeze.

If someone was visiting, what must they do?  Go swimming everyday.

A perfect meal in Fremantle? My friends just started a South American food truck called Comida Du Sol, go to wherever he is parked.

What is the best thing about your spot? It’s quiet

What is the worst? Mosquitos

A little known fact about where you live? Perth is the most isolated city in the world.

Where is your favorite place in the world? The top end of Australia

Who are your three favorite photographers? Jackson Eaton, Joel Wynn Rees and Jack Pam.