Nordkette Cable Car by Lea Hajner in Innsbruck, Austria

Alpine City Escape by Lea Hajner, Innsbruck, Austria

Name:Lea Hajner

Place you live: Innsbruck, Austria

Place your photo was taken: On the Nordkette cable car down from Seegrube (2000m elevation) to Innsbruck city. Hikers and climbers in summer, skiers and snowboarders in winter and tourists all year round come up here. The amazing thing is that it only takes around half an hour from downtown to the top of the mountain. The photo was shot using an iPhone 4S and Instagram.

Can you sum up Innsbruck? Innsbruck is a small city in Austria, set right in the beautiful alpine region of Tyrol. Due to it’s many students, who come here to study it’s a young and very active city. Basically – you move here, find your sport and get out there.

Occupation: Travel writer and world explorer

Preoccupation: Howling with the tripwolf pack (a travel guide)

A perfect day in Innsbruck? Coffee and pastry from a local bakery on the way to the mountain, a day of snowboarding, returning for dinner in town and dancing at night.

If someone was visiting, what must they do? Stop by the Goldenes Dachel (golden roof top) and slowly start walking back Maria Theresienstrasse – you’ll see the mountains coming up behind it and that’s a sight that still gets me every time. Another must do is a trip up one of the surrounding mountains for a meal and a panoramic view.

A perfect meal in Innsbruck? A tasty Kaspressknödel Suppe (cheese dumpling soup) out in the patio in front of Arzler Alm – a 20minutes walk from the bus stop Hungerburgbahn (where the gondola goes up Nordkette).

What is the best thing about your spot? How close the city is to the mountains.

What is the worst? International flight connections

A little known fact about where you live? No one’s fat around here.

Where is your favorite place in the world? I can’t possible pick one favourite place. If you asked me for a day filled with my favourite places it’d go like this: In the morning it’d be in a bakery in lively Venice, Italy, during the day I like to picture my place losing track of time on the Togean Islands (Sulawesi, Indonesia) and in the afternoon a barefoot walk in Raglan, New Zealand where the burning red sun sets above the black sand beach.