Vagabond Life by Gregg Bleakney in San Francisco, California, USA

The first three images are from cycling trips with dear friends around San Francisco.  The remaining six are from the past two weeks of living in Colombia. Carnival in Barranquilla, my favorite spot on the Caribbean coast, and the high Andes in Cocuy National Park.

Name:Gregg Bleakney

Place you live: San Francisco, CA – Seattle, WA – Colombia, South America

Place your photos were taken: The first 4 are from day trips around SF with dear friends.  Then rest are from some of my fav. spots in Colombia. Beach, Mountains, Carnival.

Can you sum up the places you live?  I have a vagabond life.  Last year I spent 300 days on the road but am mostly based between Seattle, San Francisco and Colombia, South America.  I can’t be an authentic travel visual storyteller without being a traveler myself.

Occupation: Visual Storyteller

Preoccupation: = My occupation.  It doesn’t feel like work and I can’t imagine doing anything else. I feel so lucky.

A perfect day? Meeting someone new or finding something new, following my nose, wandering. Conversation with dear friends and long walks or bike rides. Pushing myself physically.  Making photos.

If someone was visiting, what must they do? In San Francisco, they must bike over the Golden Gate and up into the Marin headlands.  In Colombia they must sleep in a hammock where the jungle meets the ocean on the Pacific Coast, in Seattle they must spend a long summer’s day on a boat in the Puget Sound.

A perfect meal? A meal prepared in the home of dear friends.

What is the best thing about your spot? I’m here because I love being here.

What is the worst? Balancing life on the road with maintaining personal relationships that are not as transient.

Where is your favorite place in the world? A favorite place does not exist for me.  I have so many places that I really feel connected to.

Who are your three favorite photographers? William Albert AllardRich ClarksonJames Balog