Ghetto Bird by Eli Stonberg in Los Angeles, California, USA

This photo was taken on a rooftop during my friend’s Memorial Day BBQ.  On that day, a skywriting airplane was flying around the city continuously creating the X-Men symbol in the sky, to cleverly market the film X-Men: First Class.  But I took this photo before the skywriter had a chance to finish the image.  Thus, the moment frozen in time is a NO symbol like you would see on No Smoking signs, except this one is ironically written in smoke.

This kind of advertising is pretty unique and clearly worked well on Memorial day when everyone was having fun outside.  I saw tons of tweets that day showing pictures of the X symbol.  And while the advertising seemed new, everyone in Los Angeles is used to seeing air traffic above our heads.  We constantly hear the sound of helicopters hovering around, searching for criminals down below.  In LA, we call them “Ghetto Birds”.  I’m pretty sure Tupac coined that term.

Name:Eli Stonberg

Place you live:  Los Angeles, California, USA

Place your photo was taken: Mid City, Los Angeles

Occupation: Filmmaker

Preoccupation: Insects and Aliens

A perfect day in L.A.? The day after it rains.  It’s almost always “perfect” weather in LA, but the rain momentarily clears away all of the smog from the area providing better visibility and breathing.  The day after a rare rain storm is the real perfect day.

If someone was visiting what must they do? Check out the Museum of Jurassic Technology.  It’s a mysterious, psychedelic, and incredibly unique museum experience.

A perfect meal? The #19 Pastrami Sandwich at Langers Deli in Downtown, LA.

A little known L.A. fact? Not everyone is fake.