Parque Rodó by Antonella Moltini in Montevideo, Uruguay

I live in Montevideo, a city with a lot of water. We have a long stretch of shore in the Río de la Plata, the arm of the Atlantic Ocean that separates the South coast of Uruguay from the North coast of Argentina. We have a lot of beaches that you can visit when the weather is warm enough.

Now its winter and winds from the South Pole are freezing our ass off, but in summer we loves to go to the sea and enjoy the fresh air and the water.  It is better if you go East (for example Maldonado or Rocha) because the water is cleaner and more transparent, but here it is great for a city. After of a hard working day, you can go to the seaside and relax.

This picture is about one of these days,  a warm afternoon at the end of December with my friends, at a dock near my house.

Name:Antonella Moltini

Place you live: Montevideo, Uruguay

Place your photos were taken: Montevideo, in a dock in my neighborhood, Parque Rodó

Occupation: fashion designer, painter, photographer, musician

Preoccupation: art-music-enjoy life

What is a perfect day in Montevideo? It could be a warm day, from summer, spring or the beginning of autumn, you can go to the beach in the afternoon and enjoy the sunset there. Later we would buy some cold beer and go to listen and dance to a parade of Candombe drums (a style of music that we have here which is a mix of African rhythms).

If someone was visiting what must they do? Walk a lot through the city which is not very big, eat asado (good quality cow meat cooked in the fire) and try to see a Candombe parade because its something very unique from this city.

A perfect meal? I recommend eat asado at El mercado del puerto which is a market in the port. Maybe is too touristy but it is really one of the nicest and best places to eat this meal.  It is a 19th century  old market full with small restaurants and a lot of noise, music, and the smell of delicious cow meat been cooked slowly on a big fire.

A little known fact? The underground music scene is great and almost unknown to the foreigner. You need to know a local. If someone is interested please contact me, I can give some good advice.