Endless Possibilities by Parker Bright in Chicago, Illinois, USA

I ventured into Chicago knowing nothing about photography, and after 2.5 years I am still trying to be in the city as many weekends as possible. There are so many things going on at once in the city, and that excites me. Endless possibilities. My hometown is an hour north of Chicago, in the center of one of Illinois’ tourist attraction areas. The majority of my photographs were taken within an hour radius of my hometown; as much as I hate living in the suburbs I’ve taken some of my best images here. I’m not sure of what I like so much about the Chicago area though, I feel like I can be comfortable anywhere I go, and that is why a lot of my photos are from multiple locations.

Name:Parker Bright

Place you live: Grayslake, IL

Place your photo was taken: Chicago

Occupation: Currently unemployed

Preoccupation: I hate when I shoot too many pointless photos of cars.

What is a perfect day in Chicago? Any day I can walk around comfortably in a t-shirt, there are mostly clear skies, and some dank sunlight.

A perfect meal? Pan pepperoni slices at Waynes Pizza

A little known fact? You need a car to get anywhere! Also, Six Flags is 5 min from my home.