Caravans by Sarah Eechaut in Ghent, Belgium

Overmere Donk is Belgium’s second largest lake. Part of it is a natural reserve. On the other side of the water, it’s all about tourism, but the poor man’s version. It has everything the seaside offers: expensive boat rentals, lousy restaurants, noisy game halls and many many campgrounds. The range of caravan and trailer parks is impressive, the total lack of urban laws inspiring.

Name:Sarah Eechaut

Place you live: Ghent, Belgium

Occupation: Photographer

If someone was visiting what must they do? Start the day with a flea market, have brunch at Simon Says, go for a stroll or take the boat through the medieval center and finish with a Roomer at the Vlasmarkt.

A perfect meal? Cheese Egg Frites at Martino’s

A little known fact? Let’s quote Lonely Planet’s top 10 cities for 2011: “Here’s a secret within a secret: Ghent might just be the best European city you’ve never thought of visiting, in a country that continues to be criminally overlooked.”