Disco Fries by Angela Navarra in New Jersey

New Jersey just so happens to be the diner capitol of the world. I grew up in areas that were flooded with these 24 hour, All-You-Can-Eat places. Each one has its own charm and specialty. One with amazing Disco Fries (fries with cheese and gravy), another with killer milk shakes and Baklava that will just make you wonder if you are even in Jersey anymore.

Name:Angela Navarra

Place you live: North Bergen, New Jersey

Place your postcard is designed for: New Jersey

Occupation: Designer and illustrator.

Preoccupation: Vanishing of the Honey Bees.

What is a perfect day in NJ? Walking up and down the main drag of my favorite seaside town, Wildwood, NJ. The smell of cotton candy and funnel cake fills the air; screams in the distance from an amusement park on a warm summer night; all the diner and hotel signs trying to out do one another and lure in every passerby. The best part – having seagulls swoop in and steal your food! It has happened to me quite a few times!

If someone was visiting what must they do? Go to the beach at Wildwood, NJ and gawk at all the the retro diner and hotel signs practically on every corner.

A perfect meal in the place you call home? Visit a diner and order disco fries and pancakes at 3am! You meet such eccentric people in a New Jersey diner so late at night!

A little known fact about NJ? Not everyone from New Jersey likes mullets… They love them.