Lazy AM by Lucas Madel in Oak Forest, Illinois, USA

There are lot of mornings where I’m too lazy to go walk around and shoot some photos so I just walk out onto my front step and hope there’s something I can shoot. This was one of the rare occasions that I came away with something. This is off the first roll I shot with my Bronica SQ. I’ve fallen in love with it ever since. I don’t think I could ever sell this thing.

Name:Lucas Madel

Place you live: Oak Forest, IL

Place your photo was taken: Right on the front step of my house.

Occupation: unemployed

Preoccupation: Skateboarding, shooting photos, filming videos, drawing, and tattoos.

What is a perfect day in Oak Forest? Wake up, go for a walk and shoot some photos, get a call to go skateboard, skate a little, shoot some skate photos, come home, shower, party with my friends. Then possibly do some skating in the city at night. I pretty much do this every day of my life.

A perfect meal? A slice of cheese pizza and a root beer from Nonna’s Pizzeria, they’re the best around.