Ancestors Pursuits by David La Spina in Lockland, Ohio, USA

We live out our lives within the vestiges of our ancestors pursuits. Lockland was built along the Miami-Erie Canal, which was easily laid in the trough of land carved out by an ancient north/south river, whose footprint makes the Ohio Valley.  A town grew around the lock, then factories and in turn families.  As the American story goes: the lock was replaced by a highway, the factories closed and some remain within the sloping hills.

Name:David La Spina

Place you live: Cincinnati, Ohio (for the past couple of weeks).

Place your photo was taken: Lockland, Ohio

Occupation: Archivist/Educator

Preoccupation: Fantasy Baseball

A perfect day?  One where everyone is outside.

If someone was visiting what must they do? Walk, walk and walk.

A perfect meal? A Skyline Cheese Coney.

A little known fact? Cincinnati was the largest city in the West before the Civil War.