Purgatory or Bust by Dominick Bui in Salton Sea, California, USA

Welcome to paradise. a very fishy, stinky, version of paradise. It was a paradise that ran into some serious problems years ago. The scenery will have you in a quick trance until you look down for a second to see all the fish… that are decaying on the beach. Purgatory or bust!

Name:Dominick Bui

Place you live: Southern California, USA

Place your photo was taken: Salton Sea, California, 200 miles southeast of Orange County

Occupation: Hanging outer, part time writer and actor, shooting the shit-er, self-made fashion designer, full-time blogger, photographer, independent director, local underground musician, small-time record label owner, towels.

Preoccupation: Spending time on Slime Time Live, doing straight hood shit.

A perfect day? Good breakfast at home, hang out until the sun leaves, and then stick around a fire until the sun comes back.

If someone was visiting what must they do? Prepare a nice meal and then go trek the many natural places in California.

A perfect meal? I like eating at home or at the many different restaurants we have over here, ranging from rad bakeries to awesome diners right next to each other or unique pizza joints on every block.

A little known fact about where you live?  You can’t climb trees over here.