Good For the Soul by Evan Swinehart in Alma, Colorado

These are some timelapses I shot a few summers ago near Alma, Colorado. Alma is the highest incorporated town in N. America sitting at 10,578 ft. It is an old mining town nestled in between five of Colorado’s peaks that are above 14 thousand feet.

Name:Evan Swinehart

Digital Storyteller


Peak baggin’, Dog walkin’, Storytellin’, Inspiration seekin’.

Tell us about Alma:

Old West meets Hippy Commune.

A perfect day?

The perfect day would be emerging from your tent on a brisk July morning and taking the dogs up Mt. Bross, Mt. Lincoln, Mt. Democrat and Mt. Cameron. Four peaks above 14,000 ft. that you can knock out in five hours. After this natural high head to Kite Lake to have your lunch on the shore. On your way there explore the many old mines. Cap the evening off with beer at Alma’s only bar.

What is the best thing about Alma?

Access to adventure.

What is the worst?

Not the greatest place if you’re looking to socialize.

What would be surprising about Alma to an outsider?

I think people would be asking themselves “How do people live here?”

If Alma was a person or character who would it be?

Butch Cassidy

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Jimmy Chin, Alfred Hitchcock, Edward Abbey


Name:Evan Swinehart


Favorite place to eat:

South Park Saloon

Favorite place to drink:

Alma’s only bar

Must Do:

The Bristlecone Pine Scenic Area