Lost in Tha-Tien by Thananan K. in Bangkok, Thailand

All tourists who visit Bangkok must come to visit Royal Palace and the Emerald Temple. Tha-Tien Pier is another spot you should visit! It’s a 500 year old town with markets and a pier that has changed quite a bit over time. It still has many things to discover such as the Temple which is a mix of Thai and Chinese styles. The Siam Museum, which is located near the temple, is a wonderful place to go to learn more about the history of Thailand and Thai culture.

Name:Thananan K.

Studying at Silpakorn University

Tell us about Bangkok:

Tha-tien pier area is located near some of the most famous places in Bangkok such as Wat Arun Temple, Siam Museum, Royal Palace and Emerald Temple. The market which runs along the Tha-Tien pier is 500 years ago. The evening view of Chaopraya River is really nice.

What is the best thing about Bangkok?

Great Thai food, nice view of the river and free massage at Watpho.

What is the worst?

The weather in Thailand is always hot (especially in Bangkok). It is necessary to dress in formal attire, such as long pants, especially when you visit the temple and the palace. Most temples and palaces have rental services which let you rent pants or clothes. If you want clothes as a souvenir you can buy them from a near by shop.

In regards to transportation, most tuk-tuk and taxi cars may overcharge, so please be careful and try to make a deal with them.

What would be surprising about Bangkok to an outsider?

Tha-Tien is surrounded by many temples such as Pho temple (or Watpho). You can get a Thai massage here. Many restaurants in Tha-Tien pier are really worth trying. Imagine you taste a nice dish and watch the view from Chaopraya river. In the night Wat Arun has decorative light which is wonderful especially when seen from another side of the river like Tha-Tien.

If Bangkok was a person or character who would it be?

An old man who might be a half-Thai half-Chinese guy and is friendly.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Christopher Nolan, Haruki Murakami, Ino Hidefumi



Name:Thananan K.


Favorite place to eat:

Sala Rattanakosin eatery and bar and Chedi restaurant.

Favorite place to drink:

The Gate, Sala Rattanakosin eatery and bar and Farm to Table Cafe.

Favorite shop:

Local markets on side streets.

Local Tip:

Enjoy discover the city! You can ask anyone for suggestions.

Must Do:

Go to Watpho and get some Thai massage and visit Siam Museum.