Goodbye by Sean Marc Lee in San Diego, CA, USA

I lived in San Diego from 2000-2003 when I was attending the University of California, San Diego. I came back with a lot of good friends this past summer of 2012 for a wedding and last goodbye to San Diego. This was taken outside of a suburban recreation center for the pre-wedding family and close friends’ celebration. It was catered with our favorite type of food from our favorite restaurant. See below for reference.

Name:Sean Marc Lee

Place you live: I currently live in Taipei, Taiwan, but spent three years living in San Diego.

Place your photo was taken: Rancho Bernardo, just outside north of San Diego, Ca.

Occupation: Photographer

Preoccupation: Thief

If someone was visiting, what must they do? California Burrito. From Lolita’s in Clairemont Mesa.

A perfect meal in San Diego? California Burrito. From Lolita’s in Clairemont Mesa. (Yes I just wrote that answer twice)

What is the best thing about your spot? The weather is the best thing there is about San Diego. Year around sunshine and a pleasant breeze without the smog of Los Angeles. And… California Burrito. From Lolita’s in Clairemont Mesa. (Yes that is a third time).

What is the worst? Aside from the areas where the college kids live, San Diego is a pretty conservative city. A lot has changed and has become much more gentrified since I left in 2003 (naturally).

A little known fact about San Diego? Top Gun was filmed 5 minutes from my college campus at the Miramar Naval Station. Every day at 10:30am, fighter jets screamed over the campus. It was a good alarm clock.

Where is your favorite place in the world? As much of a lackluster city San Diego was and still is, the point that anywhere with the right people can be great still rings true. I have too many memories of this place. So, as a copout answer I’m definitely sentimental about everywhere I’ve spent time, because of the people there.

Who are your three favorite photographers? I’ll pick friends, Ye Rin MokPatrick TsaiMari Kojima