Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort

We sent one of our favorite Yodeler’s, Kimberly Genevieve to the amazing Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort to experience the property, have some fun and of course make some beautiful photos.

Located just outside Cabo San Lucas, Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort sits perched on The Sea of Cortez offering direct access to one of Los Cabos best swimming beaches, an opulent infinity edge pool, championship golf courses, as well as world-class restaurants ranging from upscale Mexican to sushi. But don’t take our word for it, check out Kimberly’s beautiful photos in the slideshow above.

We sat down with Kimberly and asked her about her experience visiting Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort. Check out her interview below. And don’t forget to check out the Spa Director of Hilton Los Cabos, Adriana Tello’s local tips in the sidebar to the right. She provides some great local knowledge and insights!

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Name: Kimberly Genevieve

Place you live: Los Angeles, CA

Occupation: Photographer

Can you sum up the people of Cabo? The people of Cabo are generous and kind: they’re always eager to help with anything at all! Of course, when you’re on vacation, you do expect a level of service and hospitality, but my experience with everyone that I met in Cabo went far beyond my expectations. It started at the airport with our taxi driver. As soon as we stepped outside the airport, our driver Javier was ready to grab our suitcases and lead us to our car. He even offered to take us to a grocery store so we could pick up some water because it was so hot outside! It was wonderful to be greeted in Cabo by such a sweet man, and the same goes with the entire staff at Hilton Los Cabos. Everyone was courteous and helpful throughout our stay.  It’s really easy to think of these Hilton staff members as friends.

Can you sum up Cabo? This was my first time traveling to Cabo San Lucas. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was excited to experience a new city! Cabo is only a 2 hr flight from LAX. The humidity was the first thing I noticed when we landed and exited the airport. As we were driving to the hotel, our taxi driver Javier pointed out all sorts of points of interest and even made a quick stop at the grocery store to let us pick up a few necessities – it’s best to book your taxi in advance before you fly into Cabo. I used insideloscabos.com which is a very reliable website/company. We spent most of our time at the Hilton Los Cabos resort which was unbelievable! The service, the team members, and the property itself was an absolute dream. We ventured into town one day to get a feel of what Cabo San Lucas is all about. We rented a car from the hotel and spent the entire day walking around the colorful neighborhoods. I found an authentic Mexican clothing shop called “Ivonnes.” We were greeted with a very joyous “Hola!” as soon as we walked in. The shop owner was hand-stitching dresses and shirts on the spot. I couldn’t believe that she had hand-stitched everything inside the store. I picked out three beautiful pieces to bring back to LA with me, and I am so glad I did! I think the biggest reason why Cabo is such an incredible place to experience is because of the warm hospitality. Everyone is so kind and their happiness is uplifting! I would recommend Cabo San Lucas for anyone looking for a Mexican vacation. I felt safe walking around, and even though I don’t speak fluent Spanish, it was easy communicating with the locals.


What was unique about your visit? It was such an incredible experience staying at Hilton Los Cabos. It’s hard to believe that a year ago the hotel was hit by one of the largest hurricanes to ever hit the region and had to be closed for nearly 10 months. One of my favorite moments from this trip was attending an event honoring all the guests and hotel staff that were present and helpful throughout the devastation where a short film was debuted commemorating their efforts. The fact that Hilton took the time to welcome so many of those guests back to celebrate the reopening of the hotel, and to also welcome people like me to celebrate and photograph the hotel meant the world to me. Hilton is definitely the type of company I am happy to associate myself with.

What was your experience like staying at Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort? I stayed at the hotel for 3 wonderful nights. The food was exceptional, the staff very friendly and happy to assist with anything! I even asked the front desk to make a few phone calls in Spanish, and they were so happy to assist. Regardless of what I needed, the staff was there to help. Hilton Los Cabos is very clean, spacious, and relaxing….I could go on and on about how perfect this property is. I just kept being surprised whenever I turned a corner and found something new to the property. Additionally, what the staff at Hilton Los Cabos have endured over the last year following Hurricane Odile is truly remarkable. They are proud of what they accomplished together, of their teamwork to reset the stage of this exceptional hotel, of their community, and they’re excited to welcome all new guests as family.

What is the property like? The property is comfortable and luxurious. There’s ample space to just sit back and relax. If you’re looking for privacy, you’ll definitely find it here because there’s enough space to just relax on your own. If you’re looking to socialize with different people, you can hang out by the poolside bar and meet other travelers from around the world. The hotel has two very spacious pools (one being an infinity pool overlooking the ocean) both pools have swim up pool bars, hot tubs, crisp white lounge chairs, cabanas, hammocks, and the outdoor area of the resort has enough room to do whatever you want. My room was impeccable and very comfortable! I slept like a baby each night! El Meson, one of the three restaurants on site, is definitely my favorite!! The view from the restaurant is breathtaking and the orange decor is an added bonus. They offer fresh seafood options including “the catch of the day.” I would also recommend the breakfast buffet at El Meson. The food selection was delicious and the service was wonderful! What I enjoyed the most for breakfast was the variety of organic fruit juices such as cantaloupe, pineapple, and watermelon.

What is a perfect day at Hilton Los Cabos? Waking up early for breakfast at El Meson, followed by a swim in the infinity pool, then a margarita or piña colada at the poolside bar. In the afternoon, I’d recommend taking a walk on the beach and dipping your feet into the ocean. For lunch, try the shrimp & sea bass tacos with guacamole and chips. I mean, you can’t go to Mexico and not eat guacamole and the Hilton Los Cabos serves the BEST authentic guacamole I’ve ever had!! After lunch, just relax in one of the cabanas that overlooks the ocean… take a nap or read a book, I did a little bit of both before going back into the infinity pool for an evening swim. Trust me, it’s always a perfect day at Hilton Los Cabos!!







Adriana Tello


Spa Director, Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort


Los Cabos

Best local cuisine? 

For the best guacamole look no further than the Hilton poolside or Hacienda Cocina down the road. The best street tacos are from Hangman in San Jose.

Best outdoor activity?

Whale watching or a sunset tour of the Cabo San Lucas bay.

Can you sum up the people of Cabo?

I would say without hesitation that the importance of family in Mexico mixed with the generosity, warmth and kindness that have always represented us, plus the amazing love we have for our beautiful destination makes us special and hand-crafted for the hospitality business.

Can you sum up Los Cabos?

Paradise. Perfect weather year-round, best fishing and golf courses, beautiful beaches, unforgettable moons. Exquisite cuisine across all offerings and partying or relaxing at its best. The desert meeting the ocean and the Sea of Cortez (the “Aquarium of the World”) makes this destination truly unique.

Best local drinks?

For the most creative cocktail ask for the Farmita at Flora Farm. The best tequila bar is the “swing bar” (Baja Cantina) at Medano Beach.

Local tip?

From December to March you must come for whale watching! Some of the best spots to sight them are right from our ocean-view guest rooms.

Little known fact about Hilton Los Cabos?

There are two cabinet walls in our lobby bar, Bar Azul, that have been completely made out of salvaged pieces of wreckage from Hurricane Odile.

Favorite aspect of being a Los Cabos local? 

Being able to feel, live, and see nature in all of its expressions. From a beautiful sunrise or sunset, whale watching, or swimming with dolphins to the strong winds and rains from a tropical storm- it’s all part of the beauty of living in Los Cabos.