Going Off by Dyllin Shane in Newport Beach, California

I chose to revolve my photo selections around the neighboring coastal elements because of Newport Beach’s nautical traditions and its influence on surf culture. After moving away then moving back a couple of times, the stunning views, colors, and the simplicity of the beach always reminds me of how special this place is. The simple elements of the sun, beach and waves create a contrast to the neighboring million dollar mansions and ritzy lifestyle associated with the area. A famous surf break all the way at the end of the Balboa Peninsula known as “The Wedge” is a spectacle and a must see when the conditions line up. Producing 15-25 feet violent “slabs” that break as heavy as any out there, the risks and danger it presents provides an unique experience between those in the water and the audience watching. For those that grew up in the area and live in other places now, the Wedge ‘going off’ offers a showing piece to your friends in other places that embodies the relationship between the beach, waves, and subcultures they have created.

Name:Dyllin Shane

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Photography and graphic design. I love to intertwine my love for the outdoors, fishing, and traveling into my photography.

Tell us about Newport Beach:

Newport Beach is a seaside community that neighbors Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, and Irvine. Besides the beach, the Back Bay and Newport Harbor offer a surplus of recreational activities and access to boating activities.

A perfect day?

My perfect day would be waking up to the ocean breeze thru the southwest facing window and a colorful sunrise. Grabbing a cup of coffee before heading down to the beach with the pup for a wave check and morning session of fetch. Later on we would ride the beach cruisers and grab a sandwich, then fill up a Hydroflask with a hoppy, west coast style IPA and head back down to the beach to hang out with friends. The rest of the afternoon would be spent relaxing under the sun, reading on the beach, and body surfing some fun waves. After, we head down to a friends sailboat as a group of friends gather on board and we cruise around the harbor enjoying great food, beers, and laughs. The sun drops as we observe a beautiful sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

What is the best thing about Newport Beach?

The year-round sunny weather and moderate temperatures. Easy access to the beach while being a short drive to the mountains, desert, and the big city activities of LA.

What is the worst?

The summer crowds. Although the large influx of people during the summer offers a great economical impact to the beach side businesses, the large crowds visiting the beach can cause a lot of traffic around town.

What would be surprising about Newport Beach to an outsider?

Newport is more than just a beachside destination and what is depicted on TV. It is filled with many opportunities to experience great food, art, music, and other cultural activities.

If Newport Beach was a person or character who would it be?

John Wayne. He resided in Newport Beach and has become an iconic person/image for the area.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Kevin Russ, Geoff McFetridge, Morgan Maassen



Name:Dyllin Shane

City:Newport Beach

Favorite place to eat:

Eat Chow

Favorite place to drink:

Bar: Balboa Saloon
Cafe: A Market

Favorite shop:

Almonds Surfboards and Designs

Local Tip:

There is always a happy hour a bike ride away.

Must Do:

Go down to Balboa Island, take a walk down Main Street, and get a Balboa Bar. Then take the ferry across the harbor and go to the Fun Zone. Finish up by taking a walk down to the end of Balboa Pier.